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Loro Parque (Spanish for "Parrot park") is a 13.5-hectare (33-acre) zoo located on the outskirts of Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife, Spain where it houses an extensive and diverse reserve of animal and plant species. The park was initially conceived as a paradise for parrots and has developed over the years into one of the biggest attractions of the Canary Islands, with over 40 million visitors so far  more


Loro Parque

Tourist Attractions and Parks

Siam Park

Siam Park, the water kingdom, is considered as one of the most spectacular theme park with water attractions in Europe and it will amaze everyone with its diverse attractions and exotic settings: toboggans, slow river, artificial beach, “free-fall toboggan”, baby zone, artificial waves for surf lovers and much more. Every attraction offers you a unique experience and combines with the mystery of the ancient kingdom of Thailand, to transport you into a world of excitement and magic.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife in full Santa Cruz de Santiago de Tenerife is the capital (jointly with Las Palmas) of the Canary Islands, and the capital of Province of Santa Cruz de TenerifeThis is the main city on the island of Tenerife with a population of nearly 1 million.

Located in northeast quadrant of Tenerife, about 210 kilometres (130 mi) off the northwestern coast of Africa within the Atlantic Ocean. Between the 1833 territorial division of Spain and 1927 Santa Cruz de Tenerife was the sole capital of the Canary Islands, until 1927 when a decree ordered that the capital of the Canary Islands be shared, as it remains at present.[4][5] The port is of great importance and is the communications hub between Europe, Africa and Americas, with cruise ships arriving from many nations. The city is the focus for domestic and inter-island communications in the Canary Islands.


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