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I am sometimes also called... Housekeeping Attendant; Housekeeper


I report to... Housekeeping Supervisor, Executive Housekeeper


Brief description of my work...

As a Room Attendant I am responsible for keeping the guest rooms (and other public areas such as corridors) clean, safe and comfortable, so that our guests can have a pleasant stay.


What I do...

  • Clean and maintain guest rooms

  • Prepare rooms for new arrivals

  • Dust surfaces, clean windows and mirrors, wash the floor, vacuum carpets and clean the bathroom

  • Collect the garbage

  • Change bed linen and lay the bed

  • Change towels in the bathroom

  • Replenish supplies and accessories such as soap

  • Stock the mini bar and take note of items consumed

  • Deposit the dirty linen in the linen room

  • Inspect the rooms for damaged items or things which need to be replaced (such as light bulbs)

  • Reply to queries and forwarding complaints put forward by guests

  • Attend to the requests made by the guest (such as providing them with extra pillows)

  • Collect items sent for laundry, fill in the relevant form and return the laundry to the guest room.


To do my job well i have to have...

  • Good stamina and physical strength since my job involves walking, standing, bending and lifting

  • The ability to follow instructions and procedures

  • A professional attitude with regards to maintaining privacy and confidentiality

  • A responsible and trustworthy attitude since I have to handle personal belongings

  • The ability to work independently and also as part of a group

  • An eye for detail

  • A high level of personal hygiene and grooming

  • The ability to work quickly and under pressure (sometimes a room is needed urgently!)

  • The ability to manage my time and work within deadlines



In my job it also helps if i have...

  • Good knowledge of foreign languages

  • Good customer care skills

  • Good communication skills

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