Animation team


The fundamental basis of being an animator is your ability to get on with people, to empathize with them and to be an extrovert, entertaining and fun-loving person. Do not worry about the language. It is more important to have a basic command of several languages than a good command of just one.

I am sometimes also called... Entertainer


Brief description of my work...

My job as an animator involves using my skills, personality and talents to entertain both children and adults and give them a fun holiday they will always remember!


What I do...

  • Plan and organise daytime and nightime activities

  • Prepare activities for children and adults

  • Rehearse and practicise for shows and activities

  • Create new performances and shows

  • Prepare costumes, props and other things needed for the performance

  • Activities and perfromaces vary and include:

    • Singing, dancing and drama

    • Sports and fitness (including water related activities)

    • Games, ice-breaking exercises and team building activities

    • Karaoke nights

    • Sketch shows

    • Shows involving magic tricks, juggling, balancing acts and creating balloon figures


To do my job well i have to have...

  • Stamina, be physically fit and have lots of energy!

  • An enthusiastic and positive attitude

  • A good sense of humour and the ability to take a joke

  • Self-confidence, stage presence and the ability to perform in front of large groups of people

  • Creativity

  • Communication skills

  • Teamworking skills

  • Customer service skills

  • The ability to manage large groups of people

  • The ability to interact with people from different cultures

  • The ability to notice when the activities are not being appreciated

  • The ability to improvise and adapt your performance as you go along


In my job it also helps if i have...

  • Knowledge of foreign languages

  • Ability to practice a sport

  • Any artistic talents such as acting, singing and dancing

  • Knowledge of life saving in water and first aid